Saturday, 25 April 2009

Helium and my new short story.

After a bit of work, my short story, There's no one quite like Grandma, is now published on Helium. The link is on the right if you would like to read it.

If you have ever wondered how to deal with those pesky sales people? Grandma has the answer!

I had a lot of fun writing it. Although she is a fictional wee old lady, Maybe that will be me in 15+ years from now! I hope so.

I joined Helium on Fresh writing's recomendation. Sorry Chris for not contacting you for advice on how to enrol! (Us old people, what are we like?!! just no patience.)

So I submitted to Helium but, silly me, I forgot to check if I could post on triond first (although I'm still not even sure that's allowed?)

Helium looked quite promising at first glance, they give a cash incentive to new members to get them started and start to pay money for your articles if you meet monthly targets and get good reviews. Unfortunately it seems the same rules don't apply to creative writers. It doesn't look like I'll make much money with my short stories anywhere on the net.

Nevermind, one plus point, it seems my article went to number one in its category, even if it was one of 3!

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  1. Hello Erin,

    I will be sure to check your story out; hopefully I'll have time this weekend as I've been extremely busy this last week and so have not been able to write or read other's work much. I read the agreement at helium and you can post things on other sites such as Triond first. You may be able to still post your story on Triond as I wrote one article about how to have fun exercising on helium then published on Triond and they didn't seem to noice. If you want to know a little more about helium or would like to learn about other places on the net to publish your work (maybe ones more suited for creative writing) I'm sure Fresh Writing will write about them (in time) on our blog, Online Writing as he knows much more about the different sites than I do. From what I know it seems like different sites are geared towards different types of writing. For example, Helium seems to be more for articles while according to Fresh Writing, Ground Report seems to be more for writing about current events and personal opinions.

    Thanks and good luck with your endeavors,

    -Resounding Glass