Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I've caught a bug!

Yes it's true, I've caught a bug. The Ebay bug. (I'm a bit of a late developer!)

It is such a delightful pastime. I can't explain the feelings of excitment I get, waiting for the post to arrive with my latest parcel. I only spend a few pounds at a time, on craft supplies, so it's not a major drain on my finances. But is that how it starts? What will I be looking to purchase next? Surely not that classic, racing green, S-type jag, I've always had an notion for? I wish!!

One humugous downside to trolling Ebay, it is soo... time consuming. I can't get on with anything else for scrolling through pages upon pages of bargains!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Stumbled again

It looks like my story, The tale of the embarassing medical examination, has hit a new high on Stumbled Upon. The renewed interest has added a few pence to my income.

Yes, that title has really sold it's self, although the absence of any 'I liked it's' or comments indicate, it may not have been quite what the viewers where looking for!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Where is that missing word?

I keep misplacing something, well quite a number of things really.

Up till recently, I've lived my life in my usual scatterbrained fashion and when I say scatterbrained I don't mean slightly airy fairy, I'm talking about the dim witted and bemused variety of muddled brain function, particular to a woman of my age.

If it wasn't for the handy little thesaurus and synonyms function on this computer, you wouldn't get a coherent word from me.

No, writing isn't much of a problem, (but obviously, I'll let you be the judge of that!) my major headache is the skill of holding a normal, everyday conversation. My attempts consist of lots of broken sentences and phrases and plenty of blank stares as I rake my empty brain for that missing word.

Forgetting words is a particular talent of mine, unusual in a writer, don't you think? My family used to finish my sentences for me, but now even they are struggling. Have they lost the skill or have I just got worse?