Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Beginners Guide to Online Survey Taking

Beginners Guide to Online Survey Taking

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  1. I must admit I have only had a quick read of this but it sounds interesting if somewhat time consuming. Have you earnt any money this way? Does it pay out in the UK? I do think it could be another wonderful distraction from writing though. Anything to stop me doing what I really want to be doing!

  2. Hi Moggie, To be honest, earnings are really quite low. I have earned about a hundred pounds in my hand so far (but I do have lots of accounts that are slowly reaching payout point. I have calculated that I will probably have 3/4 hundred by christmas.)
    I felt it took a lot of time to start with, but saying that, I didn't have an information about it at all. You know how time consuming net trolling can be! I would recommend
    everyone to take a look at Annika's at, if they are interested in joining survey companies, it has everything you need to know and over 900 survey sites and even a black list of web sites to avoid.

    Nowadays I normally spend about an hour a day completing surveys. Sometimes I pick and choose which surveys to take.

    Yes there are lots of UK survey sites out there.
    I will post a list of sites I would recommend in my blog at a later date.

    Best wishes Erin

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